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Optimizing your music collection can be a daunting task, from tracks with missing metadata tags (track, artist, album names), albums missing artwork, duplicated tracks, to corrupted tracks, typically correcting these issues can be a time consuming task. No longer, imagine if a trained professional was on hand to help, PerfectTUNES is that professional, an application which:

Album Art  automatically add missing covers

Cover art is used both to identify albums when browsing, as well as for the visual appeal when playing a track. Missing or low resolution cover art, does not cut it these days when typically a collection might be controlled through a high resolution tablet.

AccurateRip check lossless tracks for ripping errors

Around 2% of all ripped discs have errors, discs do not even have to be scratched to give an error, such as from manufacturing defects. CD drives on their own cannot determine if a ripped track has errors (using c2 pointers, or re-ripping), ripping errors could be speaker-popping-noise, or silence (where the drive interpolates the error).

There exists a technology called AccurateRip which compares your ripped tracks against other peoples rips, a positive match says without question your rip is error free, a negative match can also inform the rip has errors.

PerfectTUNES AccurateRip verifies previously ripped discs, perfect for validating iTunes or other rippers not capable of checking AccurateRip.

Why settle for anything less than perfect rips? Take the doubt out of your audio collection, AccurateRip it.

DeDup  remove duplicate tracks

De-Dup listens to your collection and presents a list of tracks which are duplicates. Often a duplicate is a lower quality copy of a track (such as a lower mp3 bitrate), or a track appearing on both a compilation and original album.

Status - open beta

In progress: Auto tagger, collection simplifier

More details:


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How does DeDup handle remasters of the same album? For example, a remaster and a 1st pressing should be treated separately.

Regarding Album Art, does the software allow us to choose which art to add? Can we configure the dimensions? Can we choose which art to add for each given album?

There are many album art applications around, but many fall down from either grabbing the wrong art, art work not available for rarer albums, and as you mention, low quality images. Which server is the art being downloaded from? Amazon, 1000x1000px @ around 200KB should look nice, but are the images embedded into each and every file? Can, for example, a folder.jpg be placed within the album folder instead?

Finally, how about metadata? Which fields get added? Does it change the metadata that is already in place? I'm thinking more than just album/artist/track, etc, but more along the lines of the actual disc ID, year that it was mastered etc. Again, there are many metadata filling apps, and knowing how good dbpoweramp is (which you produce), I'm hoping for something special with this new software you are making.

Can we get more details



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Also, how does it handle read-only files? Can it write changes to file, meaning remove read-only flag, make changes, and make read-only flag back?
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>How does DeDup handle remasters of the same album? For example, a remaster and a 1st pressing should be treated separately.

It would be shown as a duplicate most likely, any decision to remove duplicates is down to the user, not the program. Duplicates are ordered by album so are quick to skip over if an album should remain.

>Regarding Album Art, does the software allow us to choose which art to add? Can we configure the dimensions? Can we choose which art to add for each given album?

Dimensions yes, PerfectTunes internally stores a maximum of 1400x1440 (this is 300 DPI of the original cover, going above this is non-optimal). Art can be applied automatically (for those albums missing art, or manually, one at a time, which allows selection from many arts).

>Which server is the art being downloaded from?

Currently Art is sourced from AudioSAFE, we hope to add a commercial provider into the mix to fill the gaps (there is about 50% coverage right now, so early days).

>but are the images embedded into each and every file? Can, for example, a folder.jpg be placed within the album folder instead?

Your choide, there is the settings page.

ID Tags are not done yet.

Read only files? we would not really want to change a file designated as read only, you could change your audio collection to non-read only (with a windows search), run the program, then set back to read only.


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How does DeDup handle remasters of the same album? For example, a remaster and a 1st pressing should be treated separately.

Too bad it doesn't distinguish between levels of 'duplicateness' rather than same track and possibly the same track.

For example, I would have wanted to tweak dynamic range scoring in order to prevent a brickwalled remaster from turning up as a duplicate. (I was not careful enough to tag my remasters as such upon ripping ... and obviously not always careful enough not to buy junk that were remastered for the worse ...) My most wanted feature is AccurateRip check which takes into account that track boundaries might differ (not only offset). That's what CUETools is missing too. AccurateRip integration is in the works though. And I'm curious what Spoon means by 'simplifier'.

In the meantime, I have been playing around with it and found quite a few CDs which got wrong metadata and were re-ripped because I thought they had escaped the library. Turns out that I have actually not bought too many duplicates on a 'hell, have I lost this CD?' false alarm.
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We have just completed ingesting a large quantity of album art, our coverage is now excellent (we have the majority of albums in existence), and most of our art is now 1000x1000 or greater.


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It would be nice to be able to do field mapping so that it can use for example tags called "composer", "band" or whatever else you have in your collection... Foobar style remapping? 


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We will add additional methods at identifying a disc (TOCs & FingerPrints), there should be no need to map anything.


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Haven't logged in for ages, but thought I would because I tried this out and I think it has potential.  Depending on how the library is tagged, determines whether or not album art is actually found *without* manually forcing a search.  This is especially true for something that isn't quite mainstream.  I'll take one example from my collection: Beauty and the Beast broadway cast cd.  AlbumArt couldn't find the cover for an album that isn't super obscure.  What likely threw it off--when I tagged the album, the artist field is filled with the actual performer, not something generic like "Original Broadway Cast".  Considering the program grabs art from what looks like a google search engine, had I used something like "Original Broadway Cast" I might have had more luck finding the art to this album.  The same problem exists if you're a film score lover....depending on who you put for the artist--the composer, the orchestra, is going to severely impact whether or not it can find the art.  Just for spoon's's some albums it didn't find on its own--and I don't see these as rare and obscure by any means--Aida, The King and I, Enchanted, Muppet Treasure Island, Princess Mononoke, Mulan, the Jungle Book.... 

Going manual and doing it yourself basically saves little to no time effort over punching the album into google images and tagging with foobar--at least not in my view.  I'm not sure how the program "searches" for album art, but I'm clearly shocked it can find art for albums like "Born Free" and couldn't for "Mulan".  Any thoughts?  Is it the artist tag throwing this program off?
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Is there any way you could group the duplicates list to their respective subfolder?


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At the moment Album art is found solely on the ID Tags Artist and Album (or Album Artist), this will be supplemental by TOC matching and Finger Print matching, I am very certain that in the future if we have the art, it will be matched with your audio...

There will also be optimizations to DeDup to better sor through the found duplicates.


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Tested the album art tagging on several hundred mp3 albums and it tagged all but about 23 albums, which is very impressive as i have some pretty random albums, cd singles, vinal, free albums etc some of which i cant find the art for via google so no problems there.

with the failed automatic album art tagging it returned 3 that perfect tunes had in its library but hadnt tagged them for whatever reason.
there were a few more albums which i would have expected to art tag easily but had to manually select them, from memory war of the worlds.. and my chemical romance and couple other less obvious albums

one possible bug is that i changed the default folder.jpg to cover.jpg but i still got folder.jpg files..
embedding worked just fine

its bloody slow though over a network drive, took 17hrs..

conclusion is that i prefer this method of art tagging to foobar art tagging

Feature requests

Please add the ability to manually type a network/file path, as for whatever reason i cant browse the network from my vista laptop but the server shares are fine so had to map a drive before i could scan for missing art.

I would like to have the ability to see the network path of the album after tagging and also perhaps a right click to open the album location, as good as you program is it will never pick up 100% of albums so would like to have the ability to easily access it and deal with it manually but from perfect tunes, instead of going into another program searching for it.


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Thanks for the feedback,

Potentially a network could be slow for Tagging where the ID tags are at the front of a file (the whole file needs reading + writing to tag).

Also before album art is processed, every file is finger printed (this allows dedup to run, but also later to find art for difficult albums).


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Does PerfectTunes work for WavPack files with embedded cue or is it only for people ripping to individual files?


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Only separate files.

PS I noticed that AccurateRip was not mentioned above, it is now..


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PerfectTUNES R2 welcomes a new member of the family: ID Tagger.

The design ethos behind ID Tagger was to create a powerful tagger, but one which is simple to use, we are confident we have delivered on both counts. Different views, or insights are offered into your music library, fixes can be made quickly across your entire audio library, without having to know where individual files are. PerfectTUNES ID Tags can smartly offer corrections to issues it has detected in the library and display the consistency of Sort tags.

Full PerfectTUNES feature list.


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Just purchased PerfectTunes. Seems to work very well, but I am having a few problems:

1. Can you confirm whether it will look at iTunes, Google Play or Deezer for the album art. I generally find they are pretty good quality at least for newer stuff
2. I can see there is a maximum size in settings but no minimum size. How does Perfecttunes decide what is "low resolution". It is picking up my 200x200 embedded albumart as low resolution and not the larger 500x500, which is pretty much what I wanted to happen but where is the limit set - how does it know to not treat the 500x500 as low resolution.
3. I have some albums with low resolution - I click fix all albums and it finds nothing. I manually click on them and they all have at least 500x500 cover art available. Why are they not being replaced?
4. Suggestion for future - some sort of resize functionality so the album has the same dimensions each side (ie a square)



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1. Google is used when you click 'fix' and manually select the art. The other services you mention are not available for 3rd parties.
2. For automated fixing I think anything under 300x300 is low resolution
3. By manually click on them, you mean you click 'fix'?
4. There are CDs where the art extends on to the side section of the case, so these are never square.


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Yes by manually I meant I click fix for an individual album

Have tested a little more and for the same album I am finding:
  • For single image.flac file (of the entire cd) it finds and replaces the cover art by clicking fix all albums
  • But for multiple flac and mp3 files for each track it doesn't find the larger album art automatically, but clicking fix for the individual album finds the larger cover art and I can update it, but this will take me ages. I wanted to click fix all albums and just let it run

PS when I rip a CD I rip the image of the cd, tracks to FLAC (for playing through SONOS) and tracks to MP3 (for playing on iPod) using REACT, so I have 3 copies of each album art that needs updating where there is low resolution album art.



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PerfectTUNES works by album title, if you have the same albums in 3 different location that will mess with it somewhat. You are best only scanning each location (mp3, FLAC, or image, on their own and not combine them as a single scan).


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Yes that is what I am doing. I'm not trying to do them as a single scan. In fact for testing purposes I have just chosen one artist (Blondie) and that is how I discovered this happening, so I

1. Chose the Blondie folder within the mp3 tracks share on the NAS - does not update any albums that have a low res image
2. Chose the Blondie folder within the flac tracks share on the NAS - does not update any albums that have a low res image
3. Chose the Blondie folder within the flac image share on the NAS - updates all the albums that have a low res image

Because scan 3 works and proves that the higher res images are available I don't understand why the 1st and 2nd scans are not doing anything



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What existing image resolution is shown for the mp3 and flac tracks? (within PerfectTUNES) if you select 'Total Albums' and look at the album there?


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Does it has Japanese song album art? Song from anime and doujin.
I will think about tomorrow's problem tomorrow


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No Japanese albums in my collection and no Japanese albumart either.

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