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[Q] "Alphabetic Artist Seeker"

Hi, now that my playlist is expanding i've been having trouble navigating quickly by just scrolling.
So i'm wondering if there is a artist browser, kinda like the one in the picture.
If not, is there anyone out there who is willing to develop this? I dont mind taking part as a helper! 

(note this is just a concept, the alphabet part is edited)

The main idea is simple, when clicking (using the cursor) eg. the letter 'G' the player will automatically take you to the first artist starting with 'G'.
Kinda like the windows phone, or zune.

I am aware of the column component where you can chose artist, and I do know that by pressing 'G' on the keyboard will take you to the first artist starting with 'G'.
Dont know why but it doesnt really work as it should (refering to "by pretting G").

The reason why I'm looking for this kind of function is because I usually navigate my playlist using only the cursor, it would be nice to keep doing that even with a bigger playlist.
(It's also esthetical pleasing imo, since it's implemented in the player.)

Thank you for taking the time reading this!

[Q] "Alphabetic Artist Seeker"

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it seems you are using ELPlaylist, so why not using the "Incremental Search" feature of this playlist viewer ? just type the first key of the artist to search, it will jump to it's first track (ESC to reset the string). Go to ELPlaylist Settings to activate it if not already done.

now, if you want a such panel (# A B C D ... Z), it(s possible to do with the component "Graphical browser" but it may be slow to populate and this component is too outdated now. Another way is to code a script for WSH Panel Mod to do this, but afaik, nobody has still yet coded a such panel, maybe because ELPlaylist Incremental Search feature (or the one in my WSH Playlist Viewer) is far efficient and far enough...


[Q] "Alphabetic Artist Seeker"

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Thanks for the reply, and yeah I do use ELplaylist, forgot to mention it since ive havent messed with my foobar for at least 3-4years.
In other words you cant code anything like this using ELplaylist? If so, is it possible for me to combine WSH with my current settings?
I have no experience creating any mod for foobar, but i might as well try if nobody is willing to take on the challenge.

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