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Topic: A wma encoder cmd interface based on Expression Encoder 4 (Read 1952 times) previous topic - next topic
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A wma encoder cmd interface based on Expression Encoder 4

Well, only after I wrote this tiny program did I find a much stronger tool  :

So I recommend you to download from above link rather than from this topic.

- .NET Framework 4
- Expression Encoder 4

foowmaenc -m in.wav
foowmaenc -md in.wav out.wma
foowmaenc -mpd in.wav wmalossless.xml out.wma

- Need to install Expression Encoder in order to use this.
- VERY SLOW startup thanks to reference to .NET Framework. (Takes about 10 sec to start for me, though encoding speed is not slow)
- VERY FEW option support. (Stream? No. Multi-thread? No. Tag? No. Ignorelength? No....)
- No progress display for fb2k. (Though a percentage will be displayed in cmdline console)
- Need an xml file to work. Need to modify the xml file to change settings.

Anyhow, it works... (trollface)
Source code included. Modified from Expression Encoder 4 SDK sample.


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