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EAC CTDB plugin rip result

I just started ripping my music CD's in EAC using the CTDB plugin and came across this in one of my rip logs and was wandering how to interpret the CTDB section of the EAC log.

This is what CTDB said:

Code: [Select]
---- CUETools DB Plugin V2.1.3

[CTDB TOCID: oM05meY4Cwdb1_pf0f_FU2ERl7U-] found, Submit result: oM05meY4Cwdb1_pf0f_FU2ERl7U- has been confirmed
[e0e53983] (22/23) Accurately ripped
[7e0eb153] (01/23) Differs in 1762 samples @00:33:30-00:33:31,24:01:65-24:01:66,26:56:10,29:50:42,32:44:73,33:26:20,45:08:33,67:07:49
You can use CUETools to repair this rip.

Does this mean my rip was bad or was it accurate?

EAC CTDB plugin rip result

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It means that it is good. Out of 23 previous submissions, it matches 22. The 23rd differs in 1762 matches from the 22 others and yours.
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