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Goldring G 900 IGC Cartridge


Does anyone have any idea what an original Goldring G900 IGC with Van Den Hul stylus be worth these days? I've been trying to research this cart as it has been offered to me for sale, but I have been unable to find much info on it at all aside from a couple of old threads at random forums.

Any info is appreciated.


Goldring G 900 IGC Cartridge

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I do not have a clue, but what's it worth to YOU?  If it's worth more to you than the seller is asking, buy it!  Does it matter what it's worth to someone else?  Does it matter if I bid $10 or $2500?  If I bid $10, maybe you would offer $11...  But, i bid $2500, would you bid $2600?  You've got to decide what it's worth to you.

My "price reference" for cartridges is Shure's best (around $100 USD).  I don't see the point in spending more than that, since no matter how much you spend it's still analog vinyl and you can't achieve the sound quality* of a cheap CD player.  It's just not worth (to me) chasing tiny improvements in sound quality when you can never achieve "digital perfection".    If you offered me a $5000 cartridge for $500, I wouldn't buy it.

*Noise, distortion, and frequency-response.

Goldring G 900 IGC Cartridge

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Thanks for the reply.

I regret wording my post as it is, as the rough price was only a part of what I am interested it. I was also wanting to find out people's thoughts on it in general etc.

Thanks again

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