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UPnP and Visualization and Oscilloscope

I have noticed that no visualizations work when a UPnP source is selected as output.  I get visualizations with the DS output but not UPnP.  Does anyone know how to get this to work. I am using the UPnP MediaRenderer Output and have attempted to select all three possible ouputs.  I can get sound this was to my Chromecast Audio perfectly so I know it is outputting but eliminates whatever output necessary for visualizaitons.

Re: UPnP and Visualization and Oscilloscope

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Visualizations need to know fairly exact latency of the output, which is impossible when using a network output device that doesn't report the remote end's latency.


Re: UPnP and Visualization and Oscilloscope

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Thanks for the reply.  I also did some more digging and found that also. It would be great to have a latency adjustment then.  Something similar to lip sync on videos.  Not sure if that would be possible though.

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