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Where is the .CUE in .TAK?

Sorry if my question is repetitive, but I have tried google but just found more Japanese downloads of the same type.

But here is my problem, I have downloaded a music file.  In the description it says its .tak+InCue.  After some research, my understanding is that the cue is embedded into the .tak file.  Because after I unrar my file, I only have 1 file, that is .tak and no other separate .cue file.

I can play the music in winamp after installing the plugin, but how can I burn this into a CD, which I can't locate a CUE for?

Many thanks!


Where is the .CUE in .TAK?

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Embedded cuesheets are stored as text tags. External cuesheets are stored as text files. I am sure you can figure this one out.

Alternatively, of course, you could always request a (pre-extracted) copy of the cuesheet via the contact information provided by the online store from which you purchased the album.

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