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Which codec can I use in video (avi, mkv)?

I'm audiophile and I want to use lossless audio compression in video files.
I've tried FLAC ACM codec while dubbing avi to avi with VirtualDub
and avi to mkv  with VirtualDubMod, but both output files was unplayable.

Is anybody here who uses any lossless codec for video?

Which codec can I use in video (avi, mkv)?

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FLAC works fine in MKV, but unfortunately you cant use FLAC.acm for that. This ACM codec was only ment to allow Decoding of FLAC streams in MKV, not Encoding, as FLAC is VBR ( Variable Bitrate ) by default and this is incompatible with the outdated ACM codec API.

To create MKV files with FLAC audio, you have 2 choices :

1. use mkvmerge and mux your video.avi and your audio.flac into a MKV. For playback, you need the FLAC decoder DShow filter installed

2. create an encoding graph in Graphedit, using the FLAC encoder Dshow filter from an AVI containing the video and a WAV audio, and matroska muxer plus file writer to save the final file


Which codec can I use in video (avi, mkv)?

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Thanks, Christian! I use mkvmerge, it really works. 

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