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Wireless headset compatibility

First off I've used foobar2000 for years and love it, and have never had too much trouble with it.  I just recently purchased a Logitech h800 wireless headset and for some strange reason, even when the device is active, foobar2000 still plays audio through the speakers.  I upgraded to the latest version but am still experiencing the same thing - I did the online compatibility check as well but there were no known issues.

I'm thinking it might be a program issue because I am able to have playback work through the headset with Windows Media Player 11.  I am running XP SP3 on a system with an Athlon II (x3) 435 running at 2.90 GHz with 3.25GB RAM (it's actually 4 but XP only recognizes 3.25).  Any suggestions are most definitely welcome and thanks for an awesome player!

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