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Which are the best PF discography CD remasters?

Original CD issues (1st Japan or UK press)
[ 2 ] (25%)
MFSL Ultradisc II
[ 2 ] (25%)
EMI remasters 1994
[ 2 ] (25%)
Oh By The Way (EMI remasters 2007)
[ 0 ] (0%)
Why Pink Floyd? (EMI remasters 2011)
[ 2 ] (25%)
Other version (pls. write which one)
[ 0 ] (0%)
[ 0 ] (0%)

Total Members Voted: 28

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Pink Floyd 2011 Remasters

Hi there, I'd like to hear some opinions about this year's reissues, have several questions about it:
First I'd like to know if these remasters do sound better than any previously issed CD remasters including 1994 EMI issues and MFSL or SACD remasters.
Secondly I'd like to know if the 24bit digital remasters coming from the Immersion sets do sound better or more naturally on adequate equipment, than a well made 24/192 LP rip.
And finally I'd be interested if there's some sound difference between UK and Japan issue of this boxset. They seem not to be the same.
Also please for suggestion which issues should I add to the poll, I'm coming to Sony Black Triangle and SACD but not sure if these releases cover the whole catalogue.
Thanks for all opinions.

Pink Floyd 2011 Remasters

Reply #1
Here my classmate is a big fan of PF (I like it too). So we've compared  Blu-Ray stereo mix (remaster 2011) 24 bit/96 kHz  and remaster CD 2011 versions of Dark Side of The Moon (track - Brain Damage).  ABX session was successful from first try. I don't know if it's because of higher fidelity, difference in the mixes or presumption that Blu-Ray version will be superior (ABX session: Original - Blu Ray, Lossy - CD 2011) .

Replaygain was enable during blind test. CD version has occasioned more fatigue and was louder/compressed.

Anakunda, can you post some short samples from different editions? It will be great to hear them.


Pink Floyd 2011 Remasters

Reply #2
Yep especially DSOTM has too many various reeditions which is starting to be difficult to be acquainted in them. It would be nice to see a wider thus more objective comparison of various editions to prove if the Why Pink Floyd remasters are really the best as it's said by some people.
Also it's question how good health are the original master tapes used for recent remasters and Vinyls after all the time, Maybe I could post some samples but not sure which song is best for them and also the samples may have problem to be slightly offseted accross different editions.

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