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Topic: [BUG] File Operations - "Move Files" can delete file (Read 491 times) previous topic - next topic
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[BUG] File Operations - "Move Files" can delete file

I use foobar 1.1.7 and regularly move album-folders from my laptop's hard-drive to my NAS. If an error occurs while trying to move the files (for example: no writing-permission in destination folder, forgot to map the network drive to the one named in the move files dialogue, file with that name already existst etc), foobar takes the first file (actually not the first in the folder-list, but the one on which the cursor was:) ) and deletes it from the source-folder only to discover that it can't write it to the destination folder. Et voila: One file has gone to digital heaven, whilst the other files are left in the source-folder and the error message is displayed in the console.

It would be very nice to reverse the order of 1. "copy and delete file" and 2. "check for permission"

Thanks in advance


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