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[Request] The Echo Nest playlist generator

I've been looking around but I haven't found any implementations of The Echo Nest's playlisting API that can be applied to personal music libraries. One of the developers posted a nice showcase of this a few months back on his blog here; my first thought when I read that was it would be perfect to have a fb2k plugin that could integrate this functionality. These days I mostly choose what I listen to by making playlists in mufin player because it produces great results, but using the program tends to be a pain.

The Echo Nest seems to be hyping themselves as bringing a music recommendation service to an accessible, customizable level, but all I can find as far as uses of their engine are niche webapps or news that they're now powering some major commercial service. A within-library playlist generator à la itunes genius playlists or mufin player automatic playlists seems like an obvious use of the service to me, but I don't know enough to make any use of it myself.

If anyone in the fb2k community is looking for a project and agrees this would be a good functionality to bring to the player, I'd love to see a plugin. Smart playlists are one of the few things that I still turn to other software for as far as music is concerned, and even then I find what's out there to be lacking.

Information on the service can be found here.

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