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American Turntable Brand?

Hello there guys,

Sort of wondering if there is an American brand that makes audiophile-grade turntables. Can't seem to find one. Would really appreciate if someone pointed me in the right direction.


American Turntable Brand?

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I don't know, but you might try calling or e-mailing[/u].  They seem to sell every brand imaginable from the really cheap ones to the over $5000 audiophile turntables.  I would assume some of those very expensive turntables are made in the U.S.A.

(I think Grado phono cartridges are still manufactured in the U.S.A.)

American Turntable Brand?

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Some others are mentioned in this discussion:

Hey guys,
New to this forum and just noticed this. If you haven't already purchased a table, you should seriously take a loook at Choir Audio.

I don't have time now, but if someone cares, I'll be happy to post later on how I know about this company and the quality, customer service, etc.
Either send me an e-mail or respond here.

I'm a tube and vinyl guy, but I'm looking forward to learning a lot about the digital end of things.

Cheers,              Crazy Bill

American Turntable Brand?

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(sorry, i have been out of the site for a while)

Thank you guys, i´ll take a serious look into those brands.

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