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TT-DR Tag v0.9 alpha

Here's a little tool I made in AutoIt which automates TT-DR Dynamic Range scanning for flac and mp3 files.

Please note that this has not undergone extensive testing, so please try it out on some test files before running it on your whole collection!  (However, the only write function called uses metaflac to tag flacs, so this should be fairly safe.)

Automates TT-DR scanning of flac and mp3 files
Option to tag original flacs (or tag copies of mp3s)
Generates log and optionally copied logs to source folder
Weighted album TT-DR calculation option*
Max channel TT-DR option**
Calculation to 2 decimal places

* Track TT-DR values are weighted by track length to calculate album TT-DR (I can't work out how the TT-DR folder mode calculation works: try copying in a 1 sec silent wav file into your folder, it has an excessive effect on the total DR value!)

**Use maximum TT-DR value of left/right channel instead of average

Any feedback would be welcome!

Code: [Select]
TT-DR Tag - Dynamic Range Scanner and Tagger V0.9 alpha

Currently tested on XP only.
This uses simulated mouse clicks and key-presses. You shouldn't try to use your computer while it's running.
Options are explained in the "TT-DR Tag.ini"

First edit the paths to the required tools in "TT-DR Tag.ini" (if this file doesn't exist, run the program and it will be regenerated).


The original TT-DR tool itself:
DR-Offline.exe v1.4a (required - this was a free download, but you may have to search around for it).

You can download flac.exe and metaflac.exe from here:

Lame.exe can be found here:

A link for MetaMP3.exe ( is here:

For tagging mp3s, MetaMP3 only works properly ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1.
If they are not in this format, MetaMP3 will corrupt the tag.
I recommend using MP3TAG to convert your MP3s to this format before converting.
Because of this limitation, DR Tag first copies your mp3 files (to extension ".dr.mp3") and applies the tag to the copy only (leaving the original untouched).

tidy up log file formatting
ogg input support
non 16bit/44khz input (conversion using sox)
improve flexibility of drag'n'drop to allow dropping of single files
add  command line mode

TT-DR Tag v0.9 alpha

Reply #1
Nice tool. Haven't tested it yet, because I've got lots of high res .flacs and there's an official DR Meter foobar plugin now that supports those.

It would be nice to have a foobar plugin that uses that plugin and is able to tag .flac's with the track/album DR values.


TT-DR Tag v0.9 alpha

Reply #2
Good idea! I also considered writing of similar tool, but never found time
So far few issues found:
1. The file tags are never updated (tried with mp3 only), both source and dr file are binary identical.
2. It seems that there are some problems when the file name contains non-unicode symbols, maybe you can try with simple temporary filenames.
3. Limited to mp3 and flac only, unfortunately my library contains more musepack and also ogg files, maybe you can add support for more filetypes? Why don't use tag.exe instead of metamp3/metaflac, then you can support more filetypes with unified command line?
Anyway, good luck!

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