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Works with CUI/DUI

actual version: 1.2

  • Preview - Listen to parts of consecutive tracks
  • Loop - Repeat part of current track
  • Rewind - Monitor during seek
  • Fast Forward - Monitor during seek

Mainmenu commands:
Menu | Playback | Seek Control | Preview length (6s-20s, Default)
Menu | Playback | Seek Control | Loop length (6s-20s, Default, End point mode, Set end point, Remove end point)
Menu | Playback | Seek Control | Preview (ON/OFF)
Menu | Playback | Seek Control | Loop (ON/OFF)
Menu | Playback | Seek Control | Rewind (5s-30s) (ON/OFF)
Menu | Playback | Seek Control | Fast Forward (5s-30s) (ON/OFF)

Advanced Preferences:
Preferences | Advanced | Playback | Seek | Automatic start/stop (ON/OFF)
Preferences | Advanced | Playback | Seek | FF/RW | FF/RW playback time [ms]
Preferences | Advanced | Playback | Seek | Loop | Loop length [ms]
Preferences | Advanced | Playback | Seek | Loop | Playback position loop
Preferences | Advanced | Playback | Seek | Loop | Reset next track to playback position loop (ON/OFF)
Preferences | Advanced | Playback | Seek | Preview | Playback position preview
Preferences | Advanced | Playback | Seek | Preview | Preview length [ms]
Preferences | Advanced | Playback | Seek | Preview | Reset next track to playback position preview (ON/OFF)
Preferences | Advanced | Playback | Seek | Preview | Skip shorter tracks in preview (ON/OFF)



Reply #1
Seek 0.2

FIX: "Playback position" bug
FIX: Various bugs
CHG: Commands moved to submenu "Seek Control"


Reply #2
Seek 0.3

FIX: Various bugs


Reply #3
Seek 0.4

FIX: foobar2000 restart
CHG: individual Playback position variables for "preview" and "loop"


Reply #4
Seek 0.5

FIX: Wrong preview playback position when position is greater than track length
CHG: 5x-60x -> 5s-30s
CHG: Default FF/RW playback time set to 2s (2000ms)


Reply #5
Seek 0.6

ADD: Advanced Preferences option: Reset new track to playback position preview (for "Preview" only) (ON/OFF)
ADD: Advanced Preferences option: Automatic start/stop (ON/OFF)


Reply #6
Seek 0.7

ADD: Advanced Preferences | Playback | Seek | Skip shorter tracks in preview (ON/OFF)

(OFF(Default): playing the end of shorter tracks)


Reply #7
Seek 0.8

FIX: Loop at end of track
ADD: Preferences | Advanced | Playback | Seek | Loop | Reset next track to playback position loop (ON/OFF)
ADD: Menu | Playback | Seek Control | Preview length (6s-20s) (ON/OFF)
ADD: Menu | Playback | Seek Control | Loop length (6s-20s) (ON/OFF)
CHG: reorganisation of Advanced Preferences entries


Reply #8
Seek 0.9

CHG: Preview stops now, if "stop after current" was enabled
CHG: Preview/Loop length radiobuttons
ADD: "Default" command for Preview/Loop length. "Default" takes value from Advanced Preferences "Preview/Loop length [ms]"


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Seek 1.0

ADD: New mode to set loop length manually:


  • End point mode
  • Set end point
  • Remove end point


  • Enable end point mode
  • Start loop
  • Seek to start position of loop in seekbar
  • wait
  • Set end point of loop (with shortcut)

--> endless loop between start and end point

download: see first post


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Great concept. I was looking for something just like this for foobar as I generally have to open up some other program to do it.

The main issues is that the "usage" is not user friendly/convenient. Is it not possible to assign hot keys to assign the loop endpoints and some hot key to toggle the loop playing????


Reply #11
Every menu item could be assigned.

Maybe your keyboard shortcut conflicts with another one?


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Is it possible with this component to loop a 30 second (or 10 or 20 or whatever seconds) section in the middle of a song?
If so, how do I set the start and end points?


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loop length is predefined for 6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20 seconds.
Other values can be set in Advanced Preferences.
Alternatively set endpoint mode, seek to start point in seekbar manually, wait for x seconds and set end point by shortcut.


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an example for first mode:

  • Enable loop length 6s
  • Enable "loop" (by shortcut)
  • Seek to a start point in seekbar


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Is it possible to skip a part of an audio file, such as the first x seconds and the last y seconds? My podcasts contain advertisements at the beginning and at the end, but obviously they don't have the same length, so I can fix a specific moment when to skip only relative to the audio length minus y seconds.


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Not possible with foo_seek.
Why do you not split the audio files in (three) parts.
You can hear this way only the middle part.
On the other hand, foobar2000 is able to play the three files without gap.


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foo_skip will allow to cut out a begiining and ending part out of a track.


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I'm sorry, but I really don't understand fully how to use this loop option.

For example, I need to loop one track between 48 min and 59 min 45 sec. What should i do?

Enable end point mode
Start loop
Seek to start position of loop in seekbar
(for what?)
Set end point of loop (with shortcut)

Is that possible to select a time w/o waiting? I want to open Foobar2000, start selected track, immediately select required time/segment and then I need to minimize application and forget about it. And if yes, what time in advanced option should I set (and whether I should do it)?

I tried but did not achieve the desired outcome.


Reply #20
seek to 48 min and wait 11:45 and set end point.
It is an unusual long time for a loop, so this is not practicable.
Unusual loop length can be set in the advanced preferences
  • set default in main menu
  • advanced preferences: loop length 705000 ms
  • advanced preferences: playback position 2880 s
  • set loop in main menu
  • play


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This plugin needs serious documentation, there are several things that I don't understand.
1. What is "automatic start/stop" in advanced preferences?
2. Why this plugin doesn't work for tracks played from results of Media Library Search?
3. Why "Loop/reset next track to loop position" doesn't work as it should? I can't understand the dependency - sometimes all tracks are starting form time given in advanced preferences even if this ckeckbox is unchecked, sometimes thety don't even if it's checked.


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1. automatic start/stop: The loop starts with one click on main menu entry "loop" (otherwise two clicks: loop + play) (minor important option)

2. Can't reproduce.

3. I don't understand. Did you seek to another position and it is not reseted to advanced preferences value next cycle? Strange! Can't reproduce.


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I'm probably misunderstanding the functionality of this component - but would it be possible with it to simply emulate the FFWD/REW behavior of a CD player or portable MP3 player? I.e. long-press/press&hold keyboard buttons for FFWD/REW, and resume normal playback when releasing buttons?

So far my trials & errors didn't yield any results in that direction.


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Thanks for this component!

I have small problem with loop function A-B

I create shortcout, F11-Loop F12-Set End point
End Point mode enabled manually.

Play audio... if I want start point I press F11... and when I want end point, I press F12. After this, the A-B loop is work.

But, the problem, If I press pause under A-B loop, this is can't  works really, because after few times the play is start himself again...

Sorry my poor english.

ps.: my foobar is latest, 1.3.2

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