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SimPlaylist (foo_simplaylist)

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Having trouble activating this. It appears to be installed but isn't listed where it should be.

What am I overlooking?

SimPlaylist (foo_simplaylist)

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you're using columns UI but this component is for default UI only.

SimPlaylist (foo_simplaylist)

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This is my foobar setup. I call it compact.

I use facets and SimPlaylist Manager in their separate windows via keyboard shortcuts. Is there any way for me to use simPlaylist like this, in a separate window? Or does it have to be in the foobar body?

If not for Simplaylist, is there any way to get the playlist view in a separate window?

SimPlaylist (foo_simplaylist)

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Is it possible to have a custom clickable column? I think about a clickable "favourite" star (on/off), instead of the five star rating.

SimPlaylist (foo_simplaylist)

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Is it possible to have a custom clickable column?

No. The built-in ratings columns that allow clicking on the stars are a feature of SimPlaylist. The ratings are integrated with foobar's tagging (and with the Playback Statistics component when it too is  installed).

I think about a clickable "favourite" star (on/off), instead of the five star rating.

If you are a user, there are WSH Panel Mod scripts that are integrated with their service that allow you to love a track by clicking on a heart, I think.

SimPlaylist (foo_simplaylist)

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Is there anyway to 'jump to current playing song' with this? Double clicking statusbar doesn't seem to do anything, nor does cursor follows playback. using f2k 1.3, simplaylist 1.0, default ui.

Even right clicking on the status bar and clicking on "Now playing: insertsonghere" doesn't do anything.

edit: nvm, started working after restarting foobar :/

SimPlaylist (foo_simplaylist)

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I love this component, but its lack of response to touchpad scrolling is a bit of a turn-down. Everything else in Foobar does seem to respond properly. Is this a problem with the component or Synaptics' crappy programming again?

Edit: never mind, I adapted a registry fix telling me to make a QWORD after I noticed all the other values were DWORDs... It worked, no more scroll cursor and no more scrolling issues  Synaptics and their silly toys

SimPlaylist (foo_simplaylist)

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Does anyone know what sort of titleformatting I would use to display an album's total length and track count in Simplaylist? A quick forum search didn't turn up an immediate answer. I saw this info on another user's playlist, but they never got back to me when I asked about it.

SimPlaylist (foo_simplaylist)

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How to highlight playing track in easy way ?

I added my own Custom columns for example for artist:
$if(%isplaying%, >>>%artist%, %artist%)

and text is highlighted work fine, but I have problem with Duration, what code I need to use to have playing time and remaining playing time like is in orginal Duration column when I move cursor on time it display remaining playing time.

SimPlaylist (foo_simplaylist)

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I would like to know if it's posiible to use the mouse "middle click to button" to add songs to the playback queue. Using it as a way to move up and down is very annoying. Thanks in advance

SimPlaylist (foo_simplaylist)

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is there a way to remove

also nice add-on

SimPlaylist (foo_simplaylist)

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This really is an excellent component. I've been using fb2K since the first alphas but somehow I didn't come across this until less than a year ago.
The album art and multi-level grouping features are things which I think the default playlist component is really lacking. So thank you to Frank!

But I always get a bit anxious when I realise I am depending on software that hasn't seen updates in >4 years (even if it works perfectly).
Because you know, APIs, SDKs, OSes and user tastes always keep changing. So soon or later unmaintained software will break or otherwise become obsolete.
(The list of 3 known issues having remained unchanged for years is also a bit worrying in this sense.)

So my question for Frank is simple, are you still committed to maintaining this component if necessary? And is there something grateful users like myself can do to support or encourage you in this effort?
And if you are no longer interested (or even if you are), would you consider releasing the source code to your components to ensure others can step in to maintain them if you are not able or interested?


Re: SimPlaylist (foo_simplaylist)

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Is it possible to force the component to use thumbnails of the appropriate resolution instead of re-generating them everytime? On my layout the reasonably sized pictures take 2/3 seconds to regenerate when I switch from playlist to playlist.

Re: SimPlaylist (foo_simplaylist)

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I love this addon, it's really the perfect playlist UI for me.
I'd love to see this project to be continued again someday.

Re: SimPlaylist (foo_simplaylist)

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FYI I'm experiencing some visual rendering differences between SimPlaylist and the core Playlist. Here are two screen caps :

Core Playlist :

SimPlaylist :

As you can see :
- The "2017" in the header is dimmed in SimPlaylist, when I didn't ask for it
- The "(Interlude)" (track 09) and "[Bonus / Panda Remix]" (track 15) are more dimmed (hence difficult to read) in SimPlaylist

My formatting codes are apparently identical in both cases. So why is SimPlaylist acting this way ?

Re: SimPlaylist (foo_simplaylist)

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From the SimPlaylist Documentation section Column colors: "Note that text in parentheses "(...)", brackets "[...]", and braces "{...}" is dimmed automatically."

Re: SimPlaylist (foo_simplaylist)

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Wow. Thanks. I hate when software makes decisions for us, especially aesthetically.
I wish there was an option in the prefs to disable this. But since this component seems to no longer be actively developed...
If I recall, Frank did the same for Facets : create it, make it work, then assume it's good enough and leave it "as is" without any further improvements. Fair enough, right ?

Re: SimPlaylist (foo_simplaylist)

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Thank developer for this nice plugin. I use it (Default UI) especially because of displaying cover art.
Automatic column resizing is a good thing, too; but (in other tabs) I had like to turn it off, as I can do it in foobar default Playlist View. Is there any way to do it?

(If not, so off topic: can anybody help, how to display cover art in Default UI foobar default Playlist View?)

Re: SimPlaylist (foo_simplaylist) type to search

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In playlist, type to search does not change focus at all and I can't find details for how it should work other than some past comments that it only seems to focus to %title%

Is it parsing for anyone -does focus change when typing?!

How do I get it to focus to my groupings (eg. %album artist%)?

my set up at right side of image:


Re: SimPlaylist (foo_simplaylist)

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Is it parsing for anyone -does focus change when typing?!
Yes, it works here, but only to track %title% as you mentioned. (The default Playlist Viewer does not focus on groupings either, far as I can tell)

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