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Re: Facets (foo_facets)

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Also, does Facets support something like If a file exists, do this, or if not, do something else?

It supports most of/all the standard syntax for custom columns, but do you have something specific in mind?
"If a file exists" seems a bit unusual to me.

Re: Facets (foo_facets)

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I want to filter my duplicates and I use next to "album" facet the "subitem" index. When I see something else than 1 it means that I already have an album with the same name and in a few seconds I delete it. But then the "subitem" resets to 1 and it goes to the normal index which is much lower. So every time I have to scroll to the begining and start again.

Is there a possible facet filter to write so that it shows me only the albums with "subitem" greater than 1. I search and i didn't find a variable.

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