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Re: Facets (foo_facets)

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@anamorphic I added an "Artist" column to the middle pane [in addition to the "Album" and "Date" columns]. Now, those two albums each have their own separate entries. This might only help for purposes of display? i.e. I use the IPod plugin, here, and noticed that I am having the same issue on my IPOD, one entry for both albums in Album view. I posted a similar question in that forum.  Do you know anything about this?

Re: Facets (foo_facets)

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Sorry - I'm not familiar with how iDevices do anything, but it might recognize "Album Title Sort Order" / ALBUMSORTORDER tag (if foobar maps correctly to 'soal' as referenced for iTunes here) - if you want to try that method in my previous post.

Best of luck 8)

Re: Facets (foo_facets)

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I have two instances of facets in separate UI elements, can anyone tell me how to make a selection in one instance affect another? Say I chose an artist in the first instance, it would show the artists albums in the second.

EDIT* I figure out I just had to set my album list element to playlist instead of library.

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