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Facets (foo_facets)

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Bug: Splitter resizing broken when system setting to show window contents while moving is disabled.

This is working perfect now. thanks.

Having a strange issue with displaying toolbar. It is convoluted to explain. Though here is one set of steps to recreate and one step to fix.

Enter Main Foobar layout mode
Bottom dock Facets toolbar
Exit layout mode
From the facets toolbar, Remove layout edit button. EDIT: Remove Help button
Drag search text box to be alone on a second row. You now have a button row and a text box edit row:


Lock toolbar and it will revert to one row by moving edit box up to row one. Lock toolbar button will toggle one / two rows.
Unlock to show two rows
Remove RESET button - this moves EDIT BOX up to make to one row.
Drag EDIT BOX to create second row.
Lock toolbar button will not remove the second row.
Add RESET back to first row.
Now have same setup that was getting toggled to one / two rows.
But now the second row is protected and all works correctly.

Facets (foo_facets)

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First of all, I want to thank Frank Bicking for this great plugin.
Is there any chance to implement a settings to change font size of rating star?

Facets (foo_facets)

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So far i have just one question: is there any special reason why no action is definable for middleclick?

I would also like to be able to assign an action to middle click as per the previous version of facets. My usage in the previous version was: single click - no action; middle click - send to playlist; double click - add to playlist. No immediate action with a single click just feels natural.

Thank you for your continued development of this awesome component and the extra eye-candy without the "coding" headaches is always welcome (hence also my big thanks for simplaylist  )

Facets (foo_facets)

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BUG or misunderstanding:
Double-Click action "Send to current playlist (default)" allways starts playback with first title although "Start playback when sending selection to playlist" is not selected. 

I really don't know what some of these double-click actions are good for - because the first of the double-click changes the playlist. Or am I wrong? Send to new would be ok.

"Keep playing playlist" works well now. Especially double-clicking on statusbar actually brings back the playing facet-playlist!     

Facets (foo_facets)

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Thanks for updating this wonderful plugin. Good to see that many ideas which had been suggested before have been implemented, the filters are awesome.
Also thanks for fixing this issue.
One suggestion though, if I may, if possible I also would like the middle click action back. Cheers.

Facets (foo_facets)

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It would be nice column formatted to display as rating five stars, eg ★★★☆☆ like in simplaylist. Now average rating display only one, two, three, four or five star.

Facets (foo_facets)

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Thanks for the update.
Is it possible to disable smooth scrolling?

Facets (foo_facets)

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a little request: could images be centred vertically. you've already done them horizontally.

and thanks for all the fixes so far. this is shaping up very nicely.

Facets (foo_facets)

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seriously Frank!

I love it.  Nothing but praise.  I absolutely love the Display -> Album Art options!
The filters are sweet. 

Imported all my previous facets settings with no issues at all.

Facets (foo_facets)

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Nice job with the improvements, thanks! 

Could you please bring back middle-click customization?  This was quite handy for alternate actions.

Facets (foo_facets)

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Thanks for this new version Franck.

For the moment I've only noticed one strange thing with the beta 2. Sometimes, the panes remains empty whatever I type in the search field. I figured out that if I change the column of a pane results appears again in this pane.
It happened three times yesterday while I was changing my layout.

If I find exactly how to reproduce this I'll post it.

Facets (foo_facets)

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hey very great plugin and working quite well so far. it would be nice to have an option to cache album arts cause it's very slow when the music is accessed via network. keep up the great work!

Facets (foo_facets)

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sorting: lower - upper key sensitivity


with opened facets window command clear not work correctly

Facets (foo_facets)

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Firstly I want to apologize in advance if what I am asking about is blatantly obvious and for the lengthy post.

I loved facets from the first time I put it in Foobar. I grabbed the update (1.02) and turned on the album art for my artist and album "filters" in facets, but not all showed up. Some for the obvious reasons, they didn't exist in the folders (no worries there      ). However some album art exists and does not show up and I don't know what I need to do to fix it so I am describing my setup in hopes that someone can spot the problem.

My folder set up looks like this: album folder inside are album art folder + cd 1 folder with tracks inside... (multiple cds) or  album folder inside are  album art folder + tracks.

My Album Art search patterns are:
.\Album Art\front.jpg
.\Album Art\Front.jpg
..\Album Art\front.jpg
..\Album Art\Front.jpg
..\Album Art\cover.jpg
.\Album Art\cover.jpg

The same goes for the artist search pattern except with artist.jpg

Things to note: foobar 1.1.7 beta 1, default UI, I use the Album Art Viewer and it shows all the art that facets doesn't show. I think this is important because I believe facets uses the same approach and so should have the same results. I have the front.jpg embedded in each track. artist.jpg and front.jpg are both in the Album Art folder. If I put both in the same folder as the tracks, they are displayed in facets.

Some of the problems for the missing artist jpegs seem to be around artists with multiple album folders or a single album folder with multiple CD folders inside.

Some of the problems for the missing album jpegs seem to be around albums with multiple CD folders inside where the Album Art folder is inside each CD folder other problem scenarios have the Album Art in the Album folder outside of the CD folders. In some of these cases, there is a folder.jpeg in the Album folder and even that is not being shown.

Also, is there a jpeg size restriction?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. Let me know if I missed any pertinent facts.

Facets (foo_facets)

Reply #39
I noticed blank pics (not replaced with the default pic for not existent images) too.
This happens when the image dimensions are very small 150x90px or so.
Album art viewer shows it correctly.

Also cyrillic and other foreign chars are not displayed. Means I see some rectangles. (in facet and simplaylist)

cheers m.

Facets (foo_facets)

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It looks like artists with multiple albums don't get art because of how the art reader works, not facets. Does anyone know a work around?

Facets (foo_facets)

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^i don't have problems with artists with multiple albums. but then my artist art is stored completely independent of my music folder structure. my pattern in the display preferences.

d:\applications\foobar2000\wsh_lastfm\$crc32(%album artist%)\*.*

Facets (foo_facets)

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Oh nice one. I just added

'C:\Documents and Settings\Tom\My Documents\My Music\'%album artist%\%album artist%.*

and my art is working, whereas ..\%album artist%.* didn't... even though it's the same image!  Oh well at least it's working now.

Facets (foo_facets)

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Totally off topic:
I've always found foo_discogs to work nicely for finding and displaying artist art.

my patterns:
Code: [Select]

Facets (foo_facets)

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It would be nice when clicking in a facet and pushing the first letter on keyboard (and there are more then one name with this letter) the next one - and further more - would be selected. I'm not sure, but the old Facets did it this way... 
Request 2:
Switching off "start playback" when double-click action "send to current playlist (default)" (check button is NOT selectet!)

Facets (foo_facets)

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@ Muzak: My jpegs are all 500 to 2000 square so I don't think its because they're too small.

@ TomBarlow: I use Esplaylist as well. I think this uses the default UI approach to getting art and it shows my artist jpegs. Am I wrong about the approach part?

@ marc2003: So essentially you have stored you artist jpegs centrally. I will do that if there is no way to overcome the problem leaving it in each album folder. I would save on redundant jpegs over multiple albums.
A question about your path, what is the '$crc32(%album artist%)2' do?

Thank you all for your help.

Facets (foo_facets)

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ignore the $crc32 thing. that's just something i use in a script to download images which makes my life easier.

anyway, i've had a little tinker around and like yourself, have found EsPlaylist displays artist art just fine for multiple albums when album art is stored in the music folder structure. it's just facets that won't display it. i even tried it inside the parent artist folder and that didn't work in facets either (using ..\artist.jpg as the pattern). it works in ESP.

Facets (foo_facets)

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"Rating (data base)" column (in Statistics) which displays average rating (five star format) for use with Playback statistic component not with tag rating (like in simplaylist).

Thank you very much.

Facets (foo_facets)

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Problem with sorting (Facets 1.0 beta 2 + SimPlaylist 1.0 beta 3)

when select one album:

when select all album of artist (after select one from first image):

Facets (foo_facets)

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This is really an interesting surprise! However, removing middle-click options messes up the way I use Facets. What was the reasoning behind this action? Also I can't say I'm a fan of the way the modifier keys affects double-clicking items in facets.

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