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Plugin to show "now playing"


Is there a plugin that allows showing the currently playing song in big letters on the screen to be able to read it from a few meters away?

I remember having something like that 10 years ago but I can't find anything to do that today. :-(

I checked the plugin list here but didn't find anything:

Thanks in advance if anybody has an idea how to do that!


Re: Plugin to show "now playing"

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JScript Panel can do what you want with a bit of scripting. I have a panel across 80% of a 24-inch screen which allows me read it from eight feet away.


Re: Plugin to show "now playing"

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Awesome TuNk77! That's exactly the one I was thinking about!
I'm surprised it wasn't in the component list I mentioned...

Thanks Jailhouse, I'll try first the OSD component, it's quite easy to use.

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