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ehhh ... in_aac woes...

welp, toying with FastEnc has left me a little stranded.

just tried to open it with the latest Psytel AAC WA plugin and it complained that the WAVOutput couldn't handle something or other... i'm assuming it's just the decoder as it can open AACEnc 1.2 files.

is there a more recent one that can open them, or do i need to use FAAD, as it looks like others are asking for/using?

ehhh ... in_aac woes...

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i would use faad winamp plugin as it is more tweaked, the best way to get it is to compile it right from the CVS Sources.

ehhh ... in_aac woes...

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You shouldn't use the Psytel Winamp plugin anymore. It's deprecated.

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