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What is Mid/Side-Stereo? Is it analogue of Joint Stereo in Lame?


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"Joint Stereo" is a common word - it describes coding of stereo channels with removing of redundant data between them.

There are two common ways of "joint stereo" coding:

- Mid/Side Stereo
- Intensity Stereo

Mid/Side stereo works by coding channels instead of Left and Right, as Mid ((l+r)/n) and Side ((l-r)/n). This way, channels with small difference between masking levels will be coded with less bits. Mid/Side stereo is also very useful in preventing so-called 'stereo unmasking' problems that are common to perceptual stereo coding.

LAME uses M/S stereo as one and only joint coding option. FhG MP3 encoder also uses Intensity Stereo at very low bitrates.


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Then, does anybody know why gogo has both options (M/S and Joint)?

You can choose between both in CDex and WinGogo.

Should there be a difference between them?


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In MP3 by Joint Stereo you could think about M/S and IS, same goes to AAC, too (except AAC has much greater flexibility when it comes to switching mode between IS, M/S and L/R)

So - Joint Stereo is either M/S  OR  Intensity Stereo.



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GOGO's MS option uses mid-side stereo only, such as lame -m f.
jstereo means the encoder can use either regular stereo or MS stereo.

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