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Resize preferences dialog?


like the topic says: Is it possible to resize the preferences dialog?
I got a component in foobar that seems to be "too big" to display it's content in the dialog so i can't see some buttons.
Any help is apreciated


Resize preferences dialog?

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Which component?

Can you prod the author to rethink the layout?

Resize preferences dialog?

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Windows dialogs are scaled depending on font size. foobar2000 Preferences dialogs have traditionally used Tahoma instead of the default "system dialog font" (e.g. Segoe UI on Win7). If the component's subdialog does not use Tahoma, different scaling can be applied it and the parent Preferences window and result in such problems. So checking the font is what I would suggest to the developer.
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Resize preferences dialog?

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Thanks, it is a http song requester component and it seems to be a font problem.
However, the author is unfindable so i don't think this can be solved without the source? Or is there another trick to fix this like UI component or something like that? I really need this plugin :/

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