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broadcast with 1.1.2

In the passed i could use foobar2000 with edcast and icecast2 to broadcast my music, since the newer versions of fb and the gone of i hope someone could give me a suggestion to broadcast again with foobar2000 1.1.2 I have been looking around on the forums and google, all i could find was outdated (or i looked over). Help!


broadcast with 1.1.2

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Or does someone have edcast 3.1.23 for me?

broadcast with 1.1.2

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[quote author=c-- link=msg=743897 date=1297871377]Or does someone have edcast 3.1.23 for me?[/quote]
I have uploaded it here: edcast_foobar_3.1.23.exe

For streaming in ogg vorbis format you can use foo_vorbisstream


broadcast with 1.1.2

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Thank you SevenTwo, that is very friendly!

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