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How do i achieve this in columnsui

Hi guys. I have a foobar theme created using DUI. I want to replicate the same theme in columns UI and then change it to dark mode. I am not even able to get started because the columns UI layout editor simply doesn't work as well, or isn't as intuitive as the layout editor for default ui.  Not sure what a splitter is and whatnot.
Here is the image of my theme I want to replicate but I would like it in dark mode.
Thanks for any tips.

Re: How do i achieve this in columnsui

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Splitters in CUI are similar to containers in DUI. Some DUI containers are indeed named "splitters": DUI left/right splitter is similar to CUI horizontal splitter and DUI top/bottom splitter is similar to CUI vertical splitter. What might be confusing when coming from DUI, is that CUI editing mode does not display a default divider inside the splitter, because unlike DUI, CUI splitters can actually contain an unlimited number of subpanels. DUI splitters split the main panel in two subpanels and if you want more than two you will have to replace one of the subpanels with a new splitter. CUI splitters simply stack all subpanels either horizontally or vertically (or tabbed if it is a tab stack).
If you find the CUI editor less intuitive, you can edit the layout tree instead, in the CUI preferences page. Once you have at least two panels inside a splitter, the live editor will resemble a bit more what you are used to in DUI, but frankly I find the layout tree much easier.

This is more or less how your layout tree should look like:
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Re: How do i achieve this in columnsui

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Thanks a lot. got it working. I find it's a lot easier to design it from the preferences window than using the layout editor.
Just one more thing. Is it possible to make the rest of the window dark? I heard you can do this in columns ui.
Thanks again

Re: How do i achieve this in columnsui

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thanks. have a very similar look now as you can see in attached image. can i also make the entire window dark instead of light grey also?

Re: How do i achieve this in columnsui

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The toolbar and the titlebar colour comes from the windows theme. You have to customize the latter to change the former.
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Re: How do i achieve this in columnsui

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In other words, not possible for me. Thanks a lot

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