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Gstreamer/Linux and wvgain

Does anyone know if the gstreamer back-end takes any notice of replaygain values appended by wvgain? I'm playing files with Movie Player on Xubuntu and noticed that the volume sounds exactly the same after scanning with wvgain.

If this is true, is there another very simple player like Movie Player (except xmms) that takes notice of replaygain?

Gstreamer/Linux and wvgain

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There does seem to be a ReplayGain plugin for Gstreamer, but I don't know how it gets the replay gain information (and it certainly would not be enabled by default). I think the player would have to be aware of the process.

A nice little player that handles ReplayGain in WavPack files (and other formats) is DeaDBeeF (I actually worked on the implementation a little). You still have to enable Replay Gain in the preferences (and choose whether you want Track or Album mode) for it to happen.


Gstreamer/Linux and wvgain

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Thanks Bryant. Deadbeef is the player I've now settled with.

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