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Another convolver DSP for foobar2000 (foobar2000 1.1 or newer is required).

Discussion thread.


Component: [] Source code: [attachment=7340:foo_dsp_....4.7_src.rar]


0.4.7 - fixed possible crash
0.4.6 - doesn't change current directory during "Open File" dialog
0.4.5 - requires less memory; other minor changes
0.4.4 - PFFFT (Pretty Fast FFT) is used instead of FFmpeg FFT routines
0.4.3 - algorithm & code simplification; slight speed increase
0.4.2 - maintenance update
0.4.1 - workaround  for WinXP and portable mode
0.4.0 - code cleanup, minor fixes
0.3.8 (experimental) - use relative path to impulse file when foobar2000 is in portable mode.
0.3.7 - minor tweaks


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Re: foo_dsp_convolver

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Hi, is the source code still available?  And the component itself?  The attachments have disappeared.

I want to add support for automatic loading of matching sample-rate impulses, so no resampling is required.  Will post my changes when it's done.
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Re: foo_dsp_convolver

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I see the attachments right here in this topic. I just downloaded them.

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