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FLAC winamp plugin?

Is there a FLAC plugin for WinAmp 2?  (I tried searching, but no results)

I currently use Monkey's Audio & WinAmp, but FLAC being an open-source format, I was thinking of switching.  If there's no WinAmp plugin, though, I'm not gonna be able to.

FLAC winamp plugin?

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What are the differences between that plugin and the official one?

FLAC winamp plugin?

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mostly tag handling (title formatting and tag editor).
also, this one is going to be a new "official"

FLAC winamp plugin?

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Awesome, the 'new' plugin shows actual bitrate while playing and the like, which to me adds removes another reason stopping me from switching from ape
< w o g o n e . c o m / l o l >

FLAC winamp plugin?

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much updated version (also if you don't want to download 1.5MB package  )

I know it's been a while since this was posted, but is this WinAmp plugin better than the one currently offered on

It *seems* so to me, since it has a couple more options & ReplayGain stats showing in the file info.  I just wanna be sure.

P.S. One comment: It doesn't show what type of tag is being displayed/written, even though there is an option to be able to read ID3v1 tags.  And the option should be "DON'T show average bitrate while playing", since unchecking the box shows the average bitrate in the FLAC info.

FLAC winamp plugin?

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well, if you need one of the extra features, I guess it's better for you. otherwise, it should be quite the same.

in fact, the use of ID3 is discouraged. when it's found the information from it is merged with vorbiscomment, but any changes/updates will go to vorbiscomment only.

and you're right, the name of the option is not quite clear. when it's checked you'll see "live" bitrates (average per frame). when it's off, you'll see one average per file bitrate (same as in infobox).

FLAC winamp plugin?

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I definitely like the display of ReplayGain info in the info box.  Good for knowing if certain albums have been ReplayGained yet or not.  =p

And, as I mentioned in the other thread, it doesn't error like the v1.1.0 plugin does.

I appreciate your work on it, X-Fixer.  (=


FLAC winamp plugin?

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Current version is also now at the (relatively) new RareWares Lossless page.

Also, I don't use WinAmp3 but this WinAmp link suggests there's a working WinAmp3 plugin now.

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