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Re: foo_dsp_effect

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everything should be in release on the upload, i might have got the date wrong on the upload.

the component for deemph should be named foo_dsp_deemph. so it shouldnt conflict.

Re: foo_dsp_effect

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Some time ago I asked for Playback Rate Shift to perform simple pass-through (with no processing) when value is set to "0%". I can't find now any change log that would tell me in which version it was introduced AND more importantly - if this is done only in PRS effect or also in Tempo Shift and Pitch Shift. Could you please tell me if all these 3 effects use passing through for 0%/0 semitones etc. setting?

Re: foo_dsp_effect

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OK, great, thanks!

Re: foo_dsp_effect

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It shouldn't be too much trouble to add it for the other DSPs. In fact it should be easier as the other ones just modify samples in place and do not change sample pipeline length. I am just wondering if it would be worth the effort.

Question about Tempo Shift changes

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Hello there and thank you for continuing to support this great "tool set" for my favorite audio player.

I have one negative point (at least for me): Why can the new Tempo Shift only be cranked up to 75% and not 100% anymore?

Call me crazy but I am now used to listen to podcasts at 100% the speed (two times). Besides all the improvements on other effects that one thing is a KO criteria for me and so I have gone back to 0.16 for now.

Are there plans to put the "double playback speed" (without mickey mouse voice) feature back in?

Re: foo_dsp_effect

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Willing to try 90%?

It seems the rubberband library has a bug when doing a 100% increase in tempo, but not 90%. Weirdly, slowing down by 100% is fine.

Re: foo_dsp_effect

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so if i already use effect dsp for cd pre-emphasis do i need the seprate component or not ?

Re: foo_dsp_effect

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use the seperate component.

Re: foo_dsp_effect

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Willing to try 90%?

I guess. Better than 75% ^_-

But jokes aside now I know that it is a technical limitation and not just an internal change in settings/variables.

I guess offering the old algorithm next to the two new ones as a third option isn't possible anymore?

If so I don't see a reason not to offer the maximum possible in your next update, so 90%.

If the library you are using gets updated in the future you can keep that in mind, maybe we can even go to 200% then... not that I would use that but could be funny :p

Re: foo_dsp_effect

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Next version should have -95% - 95% for tempo.

I want to add effects from DirectX like chorus, its implementation of reverb, and its gargle effect. (assuming I know enough of DirectX COM to do DMOs in threads) Vibrato and tremelo would be nice too. I suppose I can put out a interim build in the meantime to fix the tempo situation you had.

Re: foo_dsp_effect

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I swapped my dll file  with the new 0.20.5 and this is pretty good. No noticeable difference.

You can imagine that I am using that feature primarily to save time so I can listen to more podcasts but the three minutes per hour I am not saving now are acceptable as long as it sounds good ^_^

Just joking this is an awesome plugin. The other features too I am using for listening to music (with normal speed!).

Re: foo_dsp_effect

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Hi mudlord, the RIAA CD deemphasis filter DSP from foo_dsp_deemph.dll seems *always apply to the music*, even when "pre_emphasis" tag is not present? Assuming I didn't misunderstand anything about its usage (quote: Usage: create tag PRE_EMPHASIS or PRE-EMPHASIS with value "1", "on" or "yes").

I didn't use foo_dsp_effect, only foo_dsp_deemph.dll, if it matters.

Re: foo_dsp_effect

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Correct. The DSPs listed in the DSP manager are only if you want to use it manually.

Code: [Select]

class deemph_postprocessor_entry : public decode_postprocessor_entry
virtual bool instantiate(const file_info & info, decode_postprocessor_instance::ptr & out)
int sr = (int)info.info_get_int("samplerate");
if (sr != 44100 && sr != 48000 && sr != 88200 && sr != 96000 && sr != 176400 && sr != 192000) return false;

const char* enabled = info.meta_get("pre_emphasis", 0);
if (enabled == NULL) enabled = info.meta_get("pre-emphasis", 0);
if (enabled == NULL) return false;

if (pfc::stricmp_ascii(enabled, "1") == 0 || pfc::stricmp_ascii(enabled, "on") == 0 || pfc::stricmp_ascii(enabled, "yes") == 0)
console::print("Pre-emphasis detected and enabled in track. Running filter");
out = new service_impl_t < deemph_postprocessor_instance1 >;
return true;
return false;

Re: foo_dsp_effect

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And by design, lossy inputs are not coded to employ decode post processing. So it's not your fault that it's not working with lossy formats.

Re: foo_dsp_effect

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I suppose I could somehow parse tags for the current song for the RIAA deemph DSP effect?

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I've relatively new to Foobar and just got round to attempting to install this.  It looks amazing, but I've not been able to make it work so far . . .

I've hit the same problems in the following use-cases:
-Portable Mode enabled, BPM Analyser, IPod Manager and Columns UI loaded
-Standard Mode enabled, no optional components loaded

The machine runs on WinXP (I know, don't ask), with user accounts set up.

Foobar was installed by user in Portable Mode and by Administrator in Standard Mode.

The problems are as follows:

Effect DSP loads but crashes silently on selection many of the menu options (same behaviours in both Foobar V1.3.15 & 1.3.16)
Dynamics Compressor terminates silently - no error message
Echo - config dialogue loads ok
IIR Filter - config dialogue loads ok
Phaser - terminates silently - no error message
Pitch/Tempo/Playback Rate - terminates silently - no error message
Reverb - terminates silently - no error message
Wah Wah - terminates silently - no error message

The crash files are attached.

Am I doing something wrong?  (I guess that's leaving me open for jests about Win XP, but there you go).

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions, and thanks once again Mudlord for an excellent tool.

Re: foo_dsp_effect

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2sevens, your CPU doesn't support SSE2. This is reason of problem. Last version of foo_dsp_effect which can work without SSE2 was 0.12

Re: foo_dsp_effect

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Ah ok. Though it might be something like that.  What a shame, it looks like a real cool tool.

Thanks so much for taking the effort to reply, much appreciated :)

Re: foo_dsp_effect

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I truly wonder how old is your PC if it doesn't have SSE2....

Nonetheless I'll check in a VM if it works on XP.

edit. works in XP.

Re: foo_dsp_effect

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I truly wonder how old is your PC if it doesn't have SSE2....


thank you so much for all your kind work on my behalf, it is indeed appreciated.

Regarding my 'music box': well, compared to me, it isn't old, it is a mere infant hehe.

But more seriously, yes, I'm embarrased to admit it is rather ancient compared to today's hardware (but then so is the music that I play lol). 

I get quite evangelical about it, I worry that we throw away far too much stuff that isn't broke.  And accordingly, my place is a bit like a refuge for lost, elderly, unwanted and broken electronic stuff (I think if I'm honest I mean 'hazardous e-waste dump) and - yes - sometimes it is a struggle to keep it operational as the technology progresses. I'm not opposed to technological advance (I used to work in the space industry) but I don't think that built-in or technical obsolescence is very good for us or our successors.

Yes, I guess that makes me a bit of a hoarder really lol.  But if I can repurpose an old box into something like a linux router, firewall, dbserver or file server, or like in this case an XP music centre, well then that's cool (to me anyway).  It all started back in the 1990s when I repurposed a (Dell?) 286 to make a 'Freesco' router so I could share my dial-up connection across some macs and PCs. It booted from a 3 1/2" floppy, and I'd be surprised if it had  1/2 mb of RAM! When that burnt itself out it got replaced by a genuine IBM-PC - a complete antique even back then but really great build quality.  Then I was hooked - I think they call it 'life-hacking' these days?

If I could recompile your plugin from source without SSE2 for the old XP box then I would, but my knowlege and skills don't go that far and even then, fraid I don't have the compilers, SDK tools etc. to do it.

I like to think of myself as a bit of an upcycler of electronica.  Although actually, in my kitchenette, I still use daily a japanese ghetto-blaster I bought new in 1979 but it still works fine, no need for upcycling or repurposing.  When I'm not listening to the radio, I just run my ipod through it :)

Anyway, thanks again for taking the time to look at this for me, and thanks also for developing DSP_tools and contributing it to the community: immense respect for the efforts of you and all the other foobar and pluging developers.  It looks like a very cool thing and who knows, one day I may have a box new enough to find out for myself :)

Re: foo_dsp_effect

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I don't see a problem with that at all.
Try the attached build. I set it so only SSE1 instructions are used, hopefully.

As for your comments, the pitch shifters should be the only thing intensive enough to need such vector CPU extensions. Rest should be fine without. And yeah, I do understand your point now.

Re: foo_dsp_effect

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Is it possible to set a high pass filter with a slope?
whenever I have to do subtraction I'm like "wut?"

Re: foo_dsp_effect

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I need a bit of help setting this up.

I've a pair of phones that are fairly linear down to about 80 Hz. From there their response diminishes gradually, and it's around -5 dB at 20 Hz.

Is there a filter in this plugin that could compensate for this loss? Basically I want a frequency response that's linear down to 80 Hz, then increases gradually to +5 dB at 20 Hz. Which filter should I use and how to set it up for this type of response?

Re: foo_dsp_effect

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Not sure if people noticed, but I did a major update. It requires the latest FB2K alpha tho.

One of the most major changes was to do what people asked for *years*: added support for UI elements.

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