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EAC problems writing

I've read through forum info on writing with EAC, but can't find anything that addresses this problem.

For some reason, EAC doesn't actually burn when I set up some .wav files, and "Make it so".  The 'Track', 'CD' and 'Buffer' status bars move along, but the LED on the CD-R drive doesn't indicate that it's being written to.  Once all 3 indicater bars reach 100%, the indicated write time just keeps getting longer and longer, and the process never stops.

The same thing happens when I go into the settings, and run the 'Detect Write Features' option.  The 'CD Write Simulation' reaches 100%, and 'Done' appears next to the status bar, but the window never reports the process being complete.  The simulation window's 'Cancel' button remains as long as I let it run.

Anyone have any idea what's going on here?


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EAC problems writing

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Try using nero's aspi.
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