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Assignable commands for reordering items


sorry for this topic being quite lengthy but I would like to explain what I've been encountering and what I would like to happen in foobar2000:
Recently I wanted to reorder my playlist in foobar2000. As I am blind I seeked some keyboard shortcuts. While i haven't found anything to that subject, I have discovered, by trial and error, that I can move individual playlist items by holding Ctrl+Shift and pressing Up/Down cursor keys, respectively, to move the focussed item within the playlist thus reordering it. That was an amazing discovery! What a surprise, however, that I didn't find these commands in the Keyboard shortcuts dialog box where you can see all available actions and menu commands. I do have all context menu commands visible to my knowledge, even legacy ones.

At the same time I wanted to move my playlists around as I have many of them so I have discovered context menu commands that could be used for moving playlists left/right. Another surprise - these playlist context-menu commands are not listed in the Keyboard shortcuts dialog box so I can't assign keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right to them.

My apparent questions:
1. Can commands not listed among keyboard-assignable actions be put into this list somehow by me to allow their assignment and if not, could they be made so?
2. Where do the Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down keyboard shortcuts come from? Could they be bound to commands that in turn would appear among assignable actions?

I use the Default User interface with the basic playlist viewer built into foobar2000. Anyway thanks much for this great player and keep up your hard work :-).

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