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track display panel

Here is a WSH panel that displays lyrics and art. Doesn't do synced lyrics. It does auto-scroll the lyrics when playing though.

Extract the files to %foobar2000 install folder%\scripts\, then add a wsh panel and import trackdisplay.js.

Click on "Now Playing" to toggle between show now playing (selection when nothing is playing) and selection only. Click on "Artwork" or "Lyrics" to toggle between Artwork and Lyrics (falls back on art when no lyrics found). Mouse wheel scroll to scroll lyrics or change the art type (it loops through until it finds some art, so if you only have a front cover and artist pic it won't show a blank for back cover or disc).

Right click and go to Properties to change the title formatting and stuff.

Download: []

Preview: [attachment=6076:lyricspreview.png]

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