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Topic: 32bit WAV to 32bit FLAC, what are my options? (Read 34017 times) previous topic - next topic
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Re: 32bit WAV to 32bit FLAC, what are my options?

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In audio at least half of those bits contain noise and so do not compress at all, so as far as application to audio there is little point in developing a 32 bit encoder.

If your source is mono then try encoding as if it were stereo. You would get the 16 most significant bits compressed losslessly as, say, the left channel, and the 16 least significant bits, which would be virtually uncompressed, as the right channel. When you decode it as a stereo file, then just treat it as a 32 bit mono file again.

Re: 32bit WAV to 32bit FLAC, what are my options?

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Are you blind or what?

From the FLAC documentation:
"FLAC supports from 4 to 32 bits per sample. Currently the reference encoder and decoders only support up to 24 bits per sample."
I don't want to discuss if you like 32 bits or why I need 32 bits so please stay on topic... Not all people use audio just for listening music.)

DAWs work in 32 bits, if I want to save the output as compressed lossless audio instead of wav what?
I don't see what's the f*** problem with many people from this forum constantly discussing the user's intention or workflow instead of giving an answer to what he ask. (this thread is essentially that from the beginning)

Lets put it that way. I HAVE TO USE 32 BITS. End to the discussion. Now... is there a 32 bit flac encoder or not? Does flac really support 32 bits but there is no encoder for that? Why supporting it then?

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