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FLAC tags?

Broadly I know that I want my FLACs to have FLAC tags and not ID3v2 tags.

I'm in the middle of sorting some things out and I've noticed a small number of albums have the tag of FLAC (FLAC ID3V2). If my memory is correct then I think some stuff will work fine with FLACs and ID tags but it's not part of the specs and I may eventually run into issues.

Can someone suggest an easy way to get rid of/convert the tags to FLAC? I use MP3tag but if something else is needed it's no problem to download it.

Re: FLAC tags?

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I'm not sure what the "FLAC ID3v2" means, but mp3tag will write proper Vorbis Comments on FLAC's by default. If there's some kind of hybrid Vorbis/ID3 tag on there, you can probably just remove it with mp3tag and write a fresh set of tags as Vorbis Comments.

Re: FLAC tags?

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If mp3tag shows id3v2 in the tag column then simply click the column header to sort it. That should point to the files easily enough.

Re: FLAC tags?

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I got it fixed, seemed simple when I looked at it in the morning.

Turns out there's an option to remove tags if you right click in MP3tag. So I generated new filenames from the tags -
Code: [Select]
%artist% - %album% - $num(%track%,2) - %title% - %year%
And then removed the tags and then generated tags from the filenames.
Code: [Select]
%artist% - %album% - %track% - %title% - %year%

Re: FLAC tags?

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You may have lost some characters during that process because these are not permitted in windows filenames:

Code: [Select]

It may not be enough to bother you but I thought I'd mention it!

edit: Of course you may already be aware of this...

Re: FLAC tags?

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Yeah, I knew it'd clip off some stuff but there's nothing I had that I could think of that might have it - other than perhaps some Aphex Twin stuff and the titles make no sense anyway.... :)


Re: FLAC tags?

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One trick you can do with FLACs in Mp3tag is to remove tags (Ctrl+R), then undo (Ctrl+Z). When you undo, it will only restore the FLAC (Vorbis) tags.

Which tags are removed and restored on other types of files depends on the settings you have selected in the options.

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