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APEv1 specification Wiki

I got somewhat confused while reading APEv1 specification. At first it says "APEv1 has no header" and then at the end is says "an APE tag in the beginning of a file (strongly unrecommended) must have at least a header".

How can it have header if does not include header ? Can the tags even be at the beginning of the file without a header?

APEv1 specification Wiki

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APEv1 does not support being in the beginning of the file. The specification has an error.

APEv1 specification Wiki

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I guess it's saying that if you insist on putting an APE (notice, no version stated) tag at the beginning of a file it must have a header (and therefore be a v2 tag).

If someone clarifies I don't mind updating the text.
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APEv1 specification Wiki

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It's much clearer now, thanks.

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