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Re: Playback Statistics component: version 3.0.1

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Newly released foobar2000 v1.5.1 includes an attempted workaround - will wait and try again to open files if someone has them locked.

Re: Playback Statistics component: version 3.0.1

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It should be retagging once. That file was really short (just over a minute) so it might've bugged out. I'll try to remember to check a "Normal" length track. I tried playing that short track like 10 times after that to get it to fail again but it wouldn't lol. I hate it when issues are hard to reproduce on demand

the lastfm thing doesn't touch the file. Autosave is AFTER every track  cuz i'm paranoid AF  due to a major incident in 2012, but it looks like it autosaves just after the next track actually starts. autosave is done in seconds tho, well before the decoding interruption so I don't think it's related to that either.

I got a procmon log but I have no idea how to grab the relevant info.  the issue started happening A LOT more t his week (4 times in the last day alone) so I had been monitoring it pretty close.

I'll try 1.5.1! much appreciated. Happy New Year!

Re: Playback Statistics component: version 3.0.1

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I forgot to post back but that resolved this specific issue. Thank you

Re: Playback Statistics component: version 3.0.1

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Can you update %played_per_day% of foo_playcount to support more decimal fraction?
I'm an old foobar user since 2007,
and now a lot songs showing only 0.01 or 0.02, with time gone by more songs will drop to 0.01 and 0.02.
with more decimal fraction it'll make it useful like before.


Re: Playback Statistics component: version 3.0.1

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I cannot find the statistic db.  :o

I read it was in the index-data folder but all I have are two files:

Also, an option in the advanced settings for writing newer added dates from tags would be great.

Here's a JavaScript thingy to convert dates to 64 bit and back again for anyone that wants this. You can paste this code to a file with a .js file extension and open it in sublime text and build it.

The console with show you the results.
Code: [Select]
// Convert 64 bit to date.
var mytime = 131494331251080321;
var date = new Date((mytime-116444736000000000)/10000);

Date.prototype.yyyymmddhhmmss = function() {
var yyyy = this.getFullYear().toString();
var mm = (this.getMonth()+1).toString(); // getMonth() is zero-based
var dd = this.getDate().toString();
var hh = this.getHours().toString();
var min = this.getMinutes().toString();
var ss = this.getSeconds().toString();
return yyyy + '-' + (mm[1]?mm:"0"+mm[0]) + '-' + (dd[1]?dd:"0"+dd[0]) + ' ' + (hh[1]?hh:"0"+hh[0]) + ':' + (min[1]?min:"0"+min[0]) + ':' + (ss[1]?ss:"0"+ss[0]);
var dateConverted = date.yyyymmddhhmmss();

// Convert date to 64 bit.
// var mytime = dateConverted;
var mytime = '2017-06-28 19:27:00';
var time = ((new Date(mytime)).getTime() * 10000) + 116444736000000000

Re: Playback Statistics component: version 3.0.1

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Hello, I would like to request a feature to merge track statistics.
 I have some songs that are almost the same but with different tags(Same artist, same title, everything else different) and i want them to be treated like if they were the same, there should an option where when you select 2 or more songs to merge them.
The track with the older Added date one should be kept, First played, also the older and Last played the last date, the Plays should be added together.
Also after merging, both tracks should be treated like if they were the same(If i play track 1, track 2 also gets updated).

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