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[WAREZ] aquaudio stuff

Does anyone know if aquaudio still does what it used to do? You know where friends compared mpc files and such....

[WAREZ] aquaudio stuff

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I can't seem to find them anymore
\"The R.I.A.A. is out there\"

[WAREZ] aquaudio stuff

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This is what I found in my time @ Aqua Audio, Aqua under the control of Axion has had money issues which caused server problems the hub was always down, user names & passwords had to be re-emailed to Axion every week or so with the hub being public (& uncontrolled during the last weeks) majority of the time, people where uploading their work in the aqua standard to the ftp & then finding that the aqua server had crashed & all their uploaded files where no more. People started to look for alternatives & around this time came along a new higher quality compulsory "standard" ripping hub which most users moved to others went to the lower quality non standard rexit hub which is now private. In the last days of Aqua Spase took over with seemingly more funds & proposing aqua go private (again) with a new non standard ftp but the users had moved on & there was no interest. If you go to the now public new aqua (amoose) hub you will find some 2 or 3 users.

I'm really gonna to miss AQuA.


[WAREZ] aquaudio stuff

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If you try to find a - let´s say "acceptable" - replacement to Aqua, try with this public hub:


It only started its service around 2 weeks ago, but there are meanwhile quite a few (around 40) ppl in it. But see by yourself....

No registering-shit and something like this needed. Runs quite stable. Allways-on 24/7.

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