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%album artist% case sensitivity?

I've been using the Edit > Sort By... dialog to sort albums for any given view, and I noticed a problem. If I have two albums, and one is tagged as "Death Cab for Cutie" and the other as "Death Cab For Cutie", the second will trump the first. Is there any way to use %album artist% in a case insensitive way?

I use the following:
Code: [Select]

My end goal is that albums from a given artist are sorted together, and then by date. I have a lot of music, so it isn't really feasible for me to go and make sure the tags are perfect for all of them.

Also, does anyone know how to have that sort method as the default? It is somewhat annoying to have to go through Edit > Sort by... every time I want to listen to more than one album at a time. Changing "Sort incoming files by:" under Shell Integration doesn't seem to actually do anything...

Thanks for any and all help.

%album artist% case sensitivity?

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$lower(%album artist%)

which media library viewer are you using?

%album artist% case sensitivity?

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I don't know, actually. I got my config from a long-deserted internet person. I know that I'm using columns, and I just updated to the latest foobar. Let me go check my components list.

Thank you very much for that, by the way.

Edit: I think these two:
Code: [Select]
foo_uie_albumlist.dll (2008-11-08 17:11:29 UTC)
    Album list panel 0.3.3
foo_albumlist.dll (2010-04-29 12:35:36 UTC)
    Album List 4.4


Edit the second: This is what my foobar looks like. The strange black over the UI is from a Windows UI replacement, not a foobar problem (and not one that bothers me). I'm currently going through my entire library and throwing out music I ripped for friends or music I just don't like anymore, and fixing tags and album art for what I can.

%album artist% case sensitivity?

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in Album list panel preferences (in advanced tab or similar) there is option for "use core sorting" - select that option and then items sent to playlist view will be sorted by your "sort incoming files" pattern (from shell integration)

%album artist% case sensitivity?

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Thank you so much. <3

%album artist% case sensitivity?

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I've been busy, so I haven't been able to post...but 2E7AH's suggestion above doesn't work.  The autosend playlist still seems to list albums by the folder they're in, instead of the above string. I've tried putting the string in Preferences > Display > Columns UI > Filter tab, checking and unchecking "Sort incoming files by..." there, checking/unchecking "Apply core sort settings to added items" in Preferences > Media Library > Album List Panel, etc.

Maybe it helps if I describe how I send things to a playlist...generally, I use the Library toolbar/menu to select Album List, then I navigate to the album or artist folder I want to listen to, and double click it, which sends the files to the autosend playlist.

%album artist% case sensitivity?

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...I use the Library toolbar/menu to select Album List...

That's default foobar Album List, and above solution is for Album List Panel: foo_uie_albumlist.dll

%album artist% case sensitivity?

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Thanks, didn't realize I was doing that. Is there any way to make Album List Panel show my music via folders, like the default album list does? Thanks.

Edit: Nevermind. I found the "By directory structure" setting. Thank you for all of your help though, I do appreciate it.

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