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[File Operations] %date% tag returns as empty?


I want to re-organise the structure of my collection. Fortunately foobar - as always - does exactly what I need

My plan was to use File Operations to copy all the files to another dir on my HDD and, on the way, rename all the folders with data from the mp3 tags. That's where I ran into a problem:

Here is a screenshot of what I'm trying to do. You can see the string I want to use (or how the directories should look)

Also, the preset name "Milestone" is from when I used File Ops on my Motorola Milestone and can be ignored. Although, oddly enough, it worked just fine back then (the %date% returned the year).

Its the latest version of foobar and the File Ops component, as I'm aware. I can reproduce this on my PC and laptop. OSs are W7 x64 and x86, respectively.

What am I doing wrong here?


[File Operations] %date% tag returns as empty?

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no idea from my side, maybe a screenshot of the properties dialog could help... (even if you say they are properly tagged)
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[File Operations] %date% tag returns as empty?

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is d-a-t-e spelled with weird unicode characters, or anything?

Also, do your mp3 files have id3v1 tags in addition to id3v2?

[File Operations] %date% tag returns as empty?

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This is a guess, but does it matter if you use forward (/) slashes rather than (\) in your renaming pattern?

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[File Operations] %date% tag returns as empty?

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Uhh... yea.

I just scrolled down way further in the preview and realised that some years are there. I double checked those who weren't for proper tagging (which they are, as I said) and gave it another go. Now it works. 

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