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Re: GXLame - Low-bitrate MP3 encoder.

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Just a little more gentle on the audio compressor/expander gig (especially not make loud sounds louder) and then perhaps most internet radio stations will want it. 

I experimented with cutting the input gain further to compensate, resulting in unheard-of 39kbps bitrate @ 22k bitdepth resolving rather similar to CD quality. 

Had I bought a CD that sounded like that, I'd be satisfied.  But as this is a codec, I'd like an adjustment/flag so that the loudest of sounds don't get boosted so much. 

Otherwise, ridiculously high quality for 40kb-ish bitrate mp3's. 
I just can't figure out how to prevent loudest of sounds getting louder. 

Re: GXLame - Low-bitrate MP3 encoder.

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I'm interested how to encode mp3 at 128 kbps vbr or mp3 320 kbps with your encoder in foobar2000 can you send the screenshots, please?

Re: GXLame - Low-bitrate MP3 encoder.

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I'm interested how to encode mp3 at 128 kbps vbr...
r-click song(s)
output format
add new
GXLame-t5.3.exe -S -b32 -F --noreplaygain -V50 - %d
Highest BPS mode 16 (like a CD)

*see post#1 for alternatives to -V50, such as -V20 for 85kbps (the default setting).
...or mp3 320 kbps with...
GXlame is for very small size files, so 320 is opposite of purpose.  Consider WavPack lossy quality-max @ 460kbps (slow but excellent), or FLAC for your archive purposes.
Higher quality original is more successful for later transcode to fit more into portable devices (especially don't use same codec for both). 

Re: GXLame - Low-bitrate MP3 encoder.

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An error occurred while writing to file (The encoder has terminated prematurely with code 1 (0x00000001); please re-check parameters)

Re: GXLame - Low-bitrate MP3 encoder.

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"-s" is not equal to "-S".

Re: GXLame - Low-bitrate MP3 encoder.

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Also, there should be no encoder name ("GXLame-t5.3.exe") in parameters.

Re: GXLame - Low-bitrate MP3 encoder.

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For successful mp3 bit-rates below 80kbps, you'd need to use the Foobar2000 converter with
advanced limiter + Resampler PPHS (click ultra too)

With the bitdepth resampler, a setting of 32000 opens up bitrates under 80kbps, or
With the bitdepth resampler, a setting of 22050 opens up bitrates under 48kbps
That is true of most codecs; with the major difference that GXLame doesn't cut-off the treble. 

The default -V20 is problematic.  Lowest useful is -V26 (in my opinion).  At -V26 or higher, my dynamics problem evaporated. 

GXLame makes possible bitrates under 48kbps still similar to tape/FM quality.  So, it is possible to put so many hours/days/weeks/years of audio into your phone that it would not be able to index the contents.  I have not seen AAC/M4A make such an achievement.

Re: GXLame - Low-bitrate MP3 encoder.

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The inbuilt old-style resampler is harmful; so it needs replaced with a more modern albeit slower PPHSultra/fast-fourier type. 
And then,
Default to -V30. . . and then achieve expectations like so:
Automatic shift to 32000bitdepth at -V28
Automatic shift to 24000bitdepth at -V16
Automatic shift to 22050bitdepth at -V8
Automatic shift to 16000bitdepth at -V4
Automatic shift to 16000bitdepth Mono at -V0

This would work for quality smaller files if there was an especially high quality resampler included, inside the codec.  Is that possible? 

Currently, it is possible to supplant the bad/outmode internal resampler by pre-processing with an external high quality resampler. What can be done to better-automate that? 

Re: GXLame - Low-bitrate MP3 encoder.

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I may have made some poorly worded comments (my fault).  But, there's a few nice facts available:  I haven't used another encoder since I got it.  The loud sounds get louder psychoacoustic translation problem can be dealt with attenuation/fb2k's hard-6 limiter prior to encoding.  Environmental ear-perking cues for room, etc... are preserved at any bit-rate (unlike aac/m4a/wma if used for smaller-size files).   I have no idea if it works better than Nero MP3Pro (with pro shut off), but it does make smaller files that are similar.  Preprocessing with a higher quality resampler (especially downsampling) makes smaller files more successful (that is probably important). 
I think that GXLame is excellent for Ebooks, micro-power FM, micro-power AM, and internet radio stations. 

It could also be used to stuff double the number of files on to MP3 CD (or car) or your favorite elder MP3 player, thus restoring it to service.  And GXLame probably will work better than all previous compatible file shrinking that you tried earlier. . . so long as you mind the sample rate.  I assume that is the case and am using it daily.  


Re: GXLame - Low-bitrate MP3 encoder.

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This, I think, is on the verge of legal, because educational purpose and that most people have no use for < 39kbit monophonic mp3 files of less than 1 megabyte. 

Well, attached is evidence of how important GXLame may be for ebooks and old time radio, including micropower FM, micropower AM, and internet radio stations. 

A duophonic or stereo variant would involve ceiling to 80 kbits and 'V' adjusted for some odd 60 kibts average.  But, these examples are in mono for efficiency, because micropower stations can't lock stereo, and because old time radio originals were in mono anyway, thus ~39kbits is good.  Judge that for yourself. 

Also, there are no parachutes aboard a Lancaster.  Those come in shot full of holes sliding sideways through the air, probably with one motor, everyone alive and usually coming in on a wing and a prayer.  Not even the most modern fighter could survive a fight against the Lancaster bomber.  It got shot full of holes and most stuff failed, but the airplane and guns still worked, and most of the time it came home, with everyone alive.  . . . as illustrated by old time radio. 

Re: GXLame - Low-bitrate MP3 encoder.

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The thing is for nearly mono source material anything resembling a modern mp3 encoder can do mid-side frames and use like no bits on the side channel.

Re: GXLame - Low-bitrate MP3 encoder.

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The slightly older version GXlame_t5.2 seems easier to use for making tiny mp3's.  For example (in foobar2000 converter):
-S --resample 24 -mj -b16 -F -B96 --highpass 40 --noreplaygain -V26 -h - %d

just one step to make 60-ish kbit stereo mp3's

Re: GXLame - Low-bitrate MP3 encoder.

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For fb2k converter (and GXlame 5.2): 
This is tiny MP3 mono -S --resample 24 -mm -b16 -F -B48 --highpass 40 --noreplaygain -V26 -h - %d
This is larger MP3 stereo -S --resample 32 -mj -b16 -F --highpass 40 --noreplaygain -V30 -h - %d

I'd like to offer some opinion; but, you'd be better served by deciding for yourself.  Try it.

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