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Multiple ID3v2 tags encountered

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Alright, good to know! Thanks!

Do you or anyone have any alternative method to fixing this issue then?


Multiple ID3v2 tags encountered

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Use Mp3tag. Select some files, Press Ctrl+X, then Ctrl+V

Make sure to select "Remove ID3v2" at Options/Tags/Mpeg

Multiple ID3v2 tags encountered

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5d. Type "id3test -s C:\Music | find ": Multiple ID3 tags" > output.txt" to scan for all MP3 files under C:\Music and write only information those which have multiple ID3 tags to the output.txt file.

wow this really helped alot!!

just want to make sure though so i am going to ask....

what do i need to do after i have found all the mp3 files that have multiple id3 tags? i mean how to fix them? thanks!

Multiple ID3v2 tags encountered

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well , i couldnt find the option to edit my post sorry for making double post but....

To disable error message popups during playback"

    Click on the File Menu > Preferences > Advanced
    In the right pane, expand the "Playback"
    Uncheck "Show error messages popups"

i have decided to to the above because of the many thousands of mp3s that kept popping up this message kept occuring... so i have just decided to have the messages not popup anymore.

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