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Dremel Versa for optical disc repair

I saw this new Dremel tool at Lowe's, and figured that, given its size, it's rotating head would be able to manage radial passes across the business surface of a CD. It came with a soft, white cleaning pad (and other, more abrasive ones)—provided it wasn't too fast, it could do the trick, along with the Scratch Out! polishing compound I've used for years.

The thing spins at just the right speed, and the white pad is perfect for the job. I put a bit of Scratch Out! on the disc, in a cake pan (so I don't make a mess). This tool gets the disc surface almost to perfect. It is very gentle, so deep scratches simply take longer.

Best thing is that I don't have to abuse my fingers doing this manually, or spend crazy money on a legitimate disc polisher.

Though I throw this out there, in case I'm not the only person getting used discs from thrift shops and such.

EDIT: Apparently, Scratch Out! isn't around any more. Should have bought more when I had the chance! It is a liquid polish, with roughly the consistency of slightly gritty yogurt. I don't know what to use when my remaining supply runs out.

Re: Dremel Versa for optical disc repair

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across the business surface of a CD.
Just in case you don't know this - The data is on the label side and CDs are read through the full thickness of the polycarbonate.  Discs are often damaged on the label side where polishing won't help and it will probably make it worse.     The data on a DVD is in the middle of a polycarbonate sandwich so you can sandpaper the top (label side) without hurting it.   The data on a Blu-Ray is on the bottom with some kind of "hard protective layer".   I don't know if you can polish the protective layer without damaging it or if the disc is damaged the scratch may have gone through the layer. 


Re: Dremel Versa for optical disc repair

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Of course I know this. But most scratches resulting in read errors I've encountered are caused by damage to the clear polycarbonate, which I have learned to polish. When damage occurs to the label side, it is often necessary to buy another disc—from my experience.

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