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Re: foo_quicksearch

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I seen no other comments about this.

Would it be possible to have the ability to enable case-insensitivity to the search for the extended search? The others seem to work fine.

See GIF.
 I'll think about it  .. but quite busy on something else atm
 Any update on this?

I managed to get around this by using $caps2(%album%) but it's not the best solution.

Also, is there any chance you could have a setting to ignore certain characters in the filter such as:
Code: [Select]

I've been using:
$caps2($replace(%album%, ,-, ,–)) but it's not very trustworthy seeing as there's no regex title formatting functionality in FB or I could use something like this:
$caps2($regexp(%album%, ,\W))

which would ignore all but a-z and A-Z characters in the search box.


Re: foo_quicksearch

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$caps2($regexp(%album%, ,\W))

which would ignore all but a-z and A-Z characters in the search box.
Not wanting to sound picky but \W will not ignore the underscore (_), and digits for that matter

Re: foo_quicksearch

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 It is a little picky considering regex is not even possible and yes, that's true. I was in a rush giving the example which was just to show (an example).

Re: foo_quicksearch

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i'm sorry if i'm being dense but does quicksearch allow you to exclude search results?
i am trying to create a playlist that does not include items that do not have ## in the %title%
is this possible?

Re: foo_quicksearch

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Can I display Quicksearch form as a element of top menu rather than as a separate window?
I don't know what you mean exactly with "a element of top menu". You would need the Columns UI in case it is this.

Apart from that, in both the DUI and the CUI foo_quicksearch can be used not only as a popup instance (what you do not like) but also as an element integrated into the UI.

Default User Interface's Layout Editing Mode

I have Quicksearch toolbar incorportated in DUI as an element. I think it is restricting the width I can re-size my Foobar2000 window to. When I maximise the window with the quicksearch toolber in the layout, it enlargens but not fully. If I remove the quicksearch element from the layout then I can re-size the window however I like, and the maximise button works as expected.
Am I doing something wrong or a setting I am missing maybe?

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