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Eclectic Music Reviews

Hey there everyone,

Really stoked that I found this site, and all thanks to FooBar2000, which is now happily fullfilling the needs of my music listening urge. hehe
Looking forward to be an active member and chat about everything music related. Music is the cornerstone of my life and I can't live without a soundtrack in my head.

Also I am going to use this as a platform to help people experience some of my favourite music, especially the things of a more eclectic note.
Every 2 or 3 days I will be posting a new review on my blog, and will post it on the forums too.
Will be fun sharing thoughts and experiences with everyone.

And I am sure I find the info I need tro get my Numark Turntable running nicely with my PC from the info I gather here.

Charl aka Headphone-Junkie

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