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Audio reply to topic "Joining vbr mp3 files"

This is a reply to this topic:

Generated a couple of piano notes and cut it more or less by half with audacity.


Next, encoded each one independently:


Next, joined with the copy command, like explained in this thread:


Then, part1.mp3 and part2.mp3 played back with foobar2000 (a player that knows about gapless playback of mp3)

played with foobar.flac

And at last, joined.mp3 played back with foobar2000. Notice there's no extra silence at the beginning or end, but the gap inside is unavoidable.

joined-fixed played with foobar.flac

Note that foobar2000, by default, it will play just the first two seconds of joined.mp3. It is needed to use the "Fix VBR mp3" option in Utilities to let it play the full four seconds. That's what the "fixed" text means.

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