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Top Gear song Id

I've been looking for an id for this track for a LONG time.

Its from top gear 2003. And i don't think its something from music library because I've heard it on the radio once.

Tried final gear forums to no avail.

Tunatic also didn't help.

Thanks in advance 


Top Gear song Id

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I think it's "Goodbye Lament" by Tony Iommi and Dave Grohl, but I can't find a clip.  It's on the Blair Witch 2 soundtrack.

Top Gear song Id

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No doubt about it. I've had that album since it was released in 2001, and recognized this at once.

Great album, but perhaps you're not into metal? That clip from Top Gear does not reveal the true nature of the song =)

Top Gear song Id

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That's it!

Thanks guys!

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