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(Bug) alt+space key combination not working

Been using fb2k for a long time now and helluva lot satisfied with it..

In the latest 1.0.1 version, i can't use the alt+space - n to minimize the foobar window. Instead i have to use the minimize button with mouse. Until 1.0 this bug was not there and hopefully they'll fix in the next version.

I'm using win7 32bit and fb2k 1.0.1


(Bug) alt+space key combination not working

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Fixed for 1.0.2, thanks for reporting.

(Bug) alt+space key combination not working

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Just to make sure. alt+space bar is supposed to open system menu for the current foreground window. It's a windows shortcut. Hopefully the fix for 1.0.2 doesn't clash with this functionality.

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