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Set Multiple Tags via Button/Menu?

TL;DR: I'm trying to find a component/plugin that will allow me to set multiple tags at once.

I currently use Playback Statistics (foo_playback_custom) to set Play Count, First Played and Last Played. I also use Quick Tagger (foo_quicktag) to set Play Count to 999 if I don't want a track in my Random Shuffle playlist (Genre = X AND Play Count < 999).

I have button that invokes the QT menu item to set Play Count to 999 but I'd like to have the button also set First and Last played.

If I can set those tags using Title Formatting Tags (so that I could do something like "Set First Played = $if2(%first_played%,$date(%date%))") that would be even better!

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Wrong tag in example... woops...


Re: Set Multiple Tags via Button/Menu?

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Short and simple, you need masstagger component. But you'll need to invoke a masstag action yourself either running the masstagger script via context menu or via a button action. You can run multiple actions in one script on multiple tag fields at once but no automatic tagging.

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