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Time for another "Guess The Song"!

OK! 10 bonus points to whoever can tell me the name of the song that had a baby saying baby things in french... it was a one hit wonder. Heard it on some One Hit Wonder countdown show the other day... i think the song is from 1993, but not sure tho.

It had a popish/danceish beat to it... sigh... been googling for it all day and can't find anything!


Time for another "Guess The Song"!

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I think you mean Jordy and his song Dur Dur d'être Bébé! (It's Tough to Be a Baby). Oh sweet jesus i hated that song then and i still hate it.

There's this info from about the album which that song is from. This boy has at least one hardcore fan out there, here's link to Jordy fanpage...

If that page is to be believed, Jordy seems to be doing alright nowdays...
Jordy is now 15 years old! Still liveing in the France countryside . He loves the outdoors. Fourweelers & dirt bikes. He loved his past experences as a singer, but now enjoys being a normal kid. Now he mixes his own techno music, & hopes to be a big Techno star someday. His parents are divorcd now. He lives with his mother, on a farm with many animals. Rabbits, ponys & goats. His family says he is "hes a normal, nice kid who is doing well, & growing like a weed.

Time for another "Guess The Song"!

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gawd i hadnt remembered that song till i heard it... hah

i don't love it... just got it for completeness hehehe also got Alison... another suckfest hahaha

but then again, it sucks so much it is frikking COOL!! BWAHAHAHA damn this shit takes me back... it's from 1992... i was twelve!! hahaha

hey thanks for telling me the name! you win the points! after you have enough, I'll send you a prize

Time for another "Guess The Song"!

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Aargh! That song was required listening in French I.
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