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Possible Bug

Using Foobar .586, Windows 2000 SP2

Problem:  When using Masstagger on MP3's stored on a network server, foobar locks and cannot be turned off.  The computer requires a hard reboot to kill the foobar process.

Example:  I load up an album into foobar.  I clear *all* ID tag info.  One at a time I type in the track names.  Then attempt to use "Masstagger"  I define the artist, no problem, I define the album, also no problem.  But I select all the tracks one more time and attempt to set the Genre, bam, it's locked.

I've tried this several ways, it seems that sometimes masstagger will work, but eventually it will crash.  When it does, the lockup is quite severe.  It doesn't always crash on the same function either

The normal "show file info"  works perfectly.  Sadly, I don't have access to another computer to try this.

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